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Claire 【 g0v 公民科技創新獎助金】
農民的心聲,「阿龜微氣候天眼通」聽到了!透過田間環境數據的蒐集,獲得本期 g0v 獎助金的阿龜,建設感測器系統,讓農民掌握即時的溫濕度變化,也可望在未來發展出給農民量身打造的田間決策建議,降低務農門檻,讓耕田既科技又easy!
:emoji_1f422: 「阿龜微氣候天眼通」研發歷程:
:emoji_1f4aa: 來申請下一期 g0v 獎助金(7/16 截止):
【 g0v 公民科技創新獎助金 x 女人迷 #codeforgender
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  • SPACE-O (Space Assisted Water Quality Forecasting Platform for Optimized Decision Making in Water Supply Services) integrates state-of-the-art satellite technology and in-situ monitoring with advanced hydrological, water quality models and ICT tools, into a powerful decision support system. This generates real-time, short- to medium-term forecasting of water flows and quality data in reservoirs, used to optimise water treatment plant operations and establish a complete service line from science to the water business sector.
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  • Meaningful Play: Getting Gamification Right
  • Gamification: Wharton Lifelong Learning Tour by Kevin Werbach
  • 101 Juegos Para Mejorar y Reforzar la Memoria y la Atención
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